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Gateway First Bank Expands With 34 New Mortgages Centers Across The Country

Gateway First Bank is expanding its mortgage operations as it brings 34 new mortgage centers to areas across the U.S. The company introduced the centers in 2019 to meet increased demands from local communities for home financing, according to a recent press release.

"From South Carolina to Idaho and Kansas to New Jersey, the openings are a testament to the fast-growing nature of the company from coast-to-coast and everywhere in between. Gateway First Bank now has more than 160 mortgage centers across the United States and is licensed in 40 states," according to the release.

The company believes it is already outperforming the competition and adding these centers gives it another advantage.

"We are outperforming our competition and delivering for our clients faster than ever," said Stephen Curry, Chairman and CEO of Gateway.

"Our momentum is a testament to our team members’ persistent focus on hard work. I look forward to seeing Gateway continue to expand our footprint across the nation for our clients and the success of all of our team members."

The company has originated more than $7.5 billion in mortgage loans in 2019 and it is expected to be a record number for Gateway, according to the report.

To learn more about Gateway's success and expansion across the U.S., click on the image above.

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