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Fiserv: 'AI Most Promising For Internal Origination Workflows'

Bob Blacketer, vice president, global sales and client relationships, financial risk & management solutions at Fiserv, sat down with HousingWire to discuss what's next for Fiserv's lending technology.

In the interview, Blacketer reveals that the Fiserv conducted a survey among home leaders who all expressed that they believed AI would be most promising for internal origination workflows. However, the rules associated with integrating AI technology makes it a bit difficult to adopt it.

"Whether you’re talking about business rules that are stored in your POS, your LOS, servicing system – or maybe you’re consolidating business rules into one system," said Blacketer, according to HousingWire.

"The AI you’re using must be able to exchange inputs and outputs with those rules."

Meanwhile, Blacketer also highlighted Fiserv's LoanComplete platform that can be used for "capturing data and documents, evaluating them using a highly configurable business rules library and then providing the automated workflow to notify the user of the output from those business rules."

To learn more about Fiserv's plans for 2020 and why the company believes AI could be the future for internal origination workflows, click on the image above.

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