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River City Mortgage To Expand Into 8 More States

River City Mortgage has already extended its reach across 15 states but the company is planning to expand into another eight states. Leading the charge is former Carrington Mortgage Services president Ray Brousseau.

"At River City Mortgage, Brousseau will serve as executive vice president, strategy and expansion. Brousseau also came on board as a partner in the mortgage company," according to HousingWire.

"In these roles, Brousseau will lead River City’s growth efforts across the country and oversee the launch of the company’s new Massachusetts facility."

The states set for the latest wave of expansion include: Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine and New Hampshire.

Nick Hunter, River City's COO and managing partner believes that making people the #1 priority is the driving factor in the company's success. Hunter is also a founder of River City Mortgage, along with Dan Hutzelman, CEO of River City Mortgage.

"Loan volume and referrals in all states tripled this year. Loan volume is expected to top $600 million in 2019 – a virtual quadrupling from the $162 million in volume just last year," said Hutzelman, according to HW.

"With Ray Brousseau leading operations in the northeast, and driving expansion across the nation, we expect loan volume in 2020 to reach nearly $1 billion."

To learn more about River City Mortgage and its expansion across the U.S., click on the image above.

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