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What's New In Mortgage Tech?

In its most recent Mortgage Tech Rundown, HousingWire dives into some of the latest products and updates in the mortgage technology industry.

The rundown highlights three big names in particular including Freddie Mac, Realogy and Groundfloor. Freddie Mac has partnered with Fincity to use data from its verification of income and employment technology in its new AIM for Direct Deposit alongside Paystub.

"The addition of VOIE to AIM augments direct deposit information with paystub data and delivers automation that makes the origination process easier, faster and less costly for lenders and borrowers," said David Fulford, vice president of loan advisor strategy and integration at Freddie Mac, according to HW.

"This is another way in which we are serving the needs of our clients by developing value-driven offerings that create a more effective and efficient origination process, while at the same time ensuring we’re receiving verifiable and accurate data that meet our underwriting standards."

Meanwhile, Realogy and HomeAdvisor have partnered for the new home improvement program called RealVitalize and Groundfloor is launching and all new product to streamline the lending process.

To find out more about Freddie Mac, Realogy and Groundfloor's most recent technological endeavors, click on the image above.

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