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Mid America Mortgage Taps ReverseVision To Debut Reverse Products

ReverseVision's loan origination system will support Home Equity Conversion Mortgage and proprietary reverse mortgage products from id America Mortgage, according to a report.

"We believe the partnership will allow us to best execute our Simple Reverse program," said Dan Barksdale, director of HECM lending at Mid America Mortgage, according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

"Simple Reverse is a program for traditional brokers without experience in reverse to partner with our Loan Officers to originate a HECM."

Mid America is looking to solidify its entry into the reverse mortgage business, which is why it has chosen to go with ReverseVision's platform, rather than tweak its own LOS system for the market.

"The ReverseVision platform is designed for traditional lenders to leverage the very best aspects of senior lending products, both HECMs and private reverse mortgages," said John Button, president and CEO at ReverseVision in a. statement to RMD.

"As a lender that strives to serve every borrower effectively, we are thrilled Mid America has chosen ReverseVision’s platform to get senior lending programs in front of even more borrowers."

To learn more about this partnership and why Mid America Mortgage has tapped ReverseVision to help with its proprietary products, click on the image above.

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