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Targeting Reverse Mortgage Customers Through Social Media

It is hard to find a place for social media in the reverse mortgage world due to the fact that seniors are the targets of the products. However, a recent webinar from Reverse Mortgage Daily revealed just where social media fits in to the mix.

"While the panelists had some different ideas on how to specifically implement the use of social media in product marketing, they all agreed that having a social media marketing channel was important to an overall strategy in today’s marketplace," according to RMD.

Today, there are more tech savvy folks who are at the point where a reverse mortgage may appeal to them. As Facebook continues to merge with other apps like Instagram, the report reveals that it is a viable option to continue marketing efforts via these platforms.

"From a social media perspective, if your campaign is geared toward financial advisors and you want to share with them some great content and information, I feel like LinkedIn is the best place for that," said Jean Noble, Chief Marketing Officer at Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC, according to RMD.

"They’re not as receptive on Facebook. Facebook is a good avenue to connect with Realtors, they happen to have a really large Facebook presence. They have different regional Realtor groups, so I think Facebook is a great mechanism for the Realtors."

To learn more about the webinar and how social media can be effectively used to target reverse mortgage customers, click on the image above.

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