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Real Estate Expert: Texting Is The Way To Get A Lead's Attention

The evolving digital age has forced mortgage professionals to find innovative ways to reach out to their leads. In a recent post to HousingWire's Pulse, one real estate professional suggests texting is the way to get your lead's attention, however, there important guidelines to make sure you do so in a successful manner.

"Agentology used to call leads first as a matter of protocol, but over time, their data was pointing to a better option: texting first," wrote Dustin Brohm, co-founder of the Industry Syndicate, real estate's first media network.

"When they looked at the lead response data they received, and saw what was more effective at getting the lead to respond, they switched tactics to texting first and only calling as a follow-up."

Brohm is suggesting text-first mentality to get the conversation started and to gauge whether it is a good time to make a phone call.

"If you don’t already have one, find a CRM that has the ability to mass text a large group of contacts at once," said Brohm in his post.

"Seriously. Being able to send mass texts via your CRM is such a great tool, and there’s no excuse to not have that ability in 2019."

Naturally some professionals may struggle with how to approach these text messages. So, Brohm also provided a dozen scripts to help get you moving in the right direction.

To learn more about approaching your leads with text messages, click on the image above.

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