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Nationwide Equities Eyes New Focus As 20th Anniversary Approaches

With its 20th anniversary approaching, Nationwide Equities is looking for ways to expand upon its Home Equity Conversion Mortgage business, while still maintaining the products that have helped them reach this important milestone.

The company is looking to diversify the products that they currently offer by adding options for their clients and creating a stronger platform.

"Nationwide is not wavering in its commitment to the reverse space but feels it will take a few years for the true effects of the HUD changes to have an impact on the performance of the MMI Fund," said the company in a press release announcing its anniversary and new business initiatives, according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

"Hopefully, at that time it will modify the program so that more borrowers will qualify. In the meantime, the company plans to keep building its retail platform offering new innovative products and programs and expanding its footprint across the U.S."

Nationwide Equities' growth is well-documented as the company added 30 branches in just one years according to the RMD report.

"Most of these new branches are geared on the forward side. It hasn’t been easy, but now we have a full product menu: USDA, FHA, jumbos, construction permits. So, we had that, then we entered into the non-QM business," said co-founder Glenn Wallace.

To learn more about Nationwide Equities' plans to expand as it celebrates its 20th anniversary, click on the image above.

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