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Top 10 Best U.S. Cities to Live in and Their Median Home Value (2017) prepared a list of the top cities in U.S. to live in on March 2017. Now, as the one year mark of the list approaches, we revisit the cities that topped the list. Some of these cities may surprise you and the median home value may astound you.

Irvine, California came in at the number 10 spot with a median home value of $718,800. Meanwhile, Boulder Colorado with a median home value of $554,500 and Overland Park, Kansas with a median home value of $237,100 took the number 8 and 9 spots respectively.

As you can see, the jump in median home value between the number 10 and number eight spot is quite drastic, though, it continues to fluctuate throughout the entirety of the list.

Plano, Texas has a median home value of $248,800 while The Woodlands, Texas has a median home value of $329,800 and take the number 7 and 6 spots respectively.

As we break into the top 5, there are a few obscure cities that you may not expect. The rest of the top 10 is as follows:

5. Berkeley, California - MHV: $795,200

4. Columbia, Maryland - MHV: $364,900

3. Arlington, Virginia - MHV: $623,300

2. Naperville, Illinois - MHV: $388,400

1. Ann Arbor, Michigan - MHV: $250,200

Factors that went into determining these cities include Higher Education rate, Cost of Living Grade, Housing Grade Public Schools Grade, Diversity Grade and many more. We'll be waiting to see if the list features any changes for 2018.

To see if your city falls anywhere on the overall list of the best cities to live in in America, click on the image above.

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