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Updates: Freddie Mac's Flood Insurance Requirements, Government Shutdown & More

Freddie Mac has a couple of quick updates for mortgage professionals as the week kicks off. Updates include a quick policy check on flood insurance requirement, the government shutdown and also, a quick mention of the Loan Advisor Suite's MicroStrategy World 2018 honor.

According to the Freddie Mac Single-Family Week in Review, Freddie Mac Flood Insurance requirements will not be changed. This information was issued after the National Flood Insurance Program's authority of issuance of new and renewal policies expired on January 20, 2018.

Meanwhile, Freddie Mac also clarified that they are not a government funded agency and because of that, they will feel no effect from the government shutdown that occurred. This also includes any shutdowns that may happen in the future.

In more excellent news for the agency, Freddie Mac's Loan Advisor Suite was honored by MicroStrategy World 2018, receiving the MicroStrategy Customer Award at the event.

To learn more about there quick updates from Freddie Mac, click on the image above.

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