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There May be Hope for Reverse Mortgage Reports of the Future

Reverse Mortgages have been one of the years hottest topics. From booming wholesale lenders to smaller companies that saw promising results.

However, as more professionals are calling for a separation between Home Equity Conversion Mortgages and the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund, it may become a bit more tricky to see Reverse Mortgages as a viable option.

Though, the future is entirely bleak. Experts believe that Reverse Mortgage reports of the future will be pretty bright.

"The call comes on the heels of another gloomy actuarial report for the MMI, which pegged the HECM program’s economic value at negative $14.5 billion," according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

"But for a variety of reasons, Golding and Goodman say that classification is inexact, and see more upbeat results in the near future."

One of the major reasons that the results have the possibility of being more positive is the fact that the reports are using old data pre-2013. According to the report, the Financial Assessment restrictions from 2015 have yet to be included in the analysis.

So, there is still plenty of hope for the Reverse Mortgage program. To learn more about the predictions for future Reverse Mortgage reports, click on the image above.

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