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Here Are the Latest Freddie Mac Single-Family Updates for October

Freddie Mac continues to update its Single-Family Debt-to-income requirements for calculations. In the latest guideline bulletin, the company also shares updates to appraisals and more. Below you will find a break down of the updated requirements via the Freddie Mac Bulletin.

  • Calculation of the monthly debt payment-to-income (DTI) ratio related to student loan debt and contingent liabilities

The changes are effective for mortgages with Freddie Mac settlement dates on and after January 18, 2018, but you may implement the updated requirements immediately.

  • Appraisal requirements related to reporting appraisal updates and requirements for mortgages with settlement dates more than 120 days after the note date

While some of the appraisal-related changes are not effective until January 18, 2018, you may implement them immediately.

  • Delivery requirements for mortgages with automated collateral evaluation appraisal waivers and for super conforming mortgages

If you would like to view the full bulletin, simply click on the image above.

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