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Caliber Home Loans Launches My Pipeline Connect Platform

Caliber Home Loans has just launched a game-changing web application called MyPipelineConnect. The service is offered to home builders and real estate agents and will provide a host of resourceful information.

"This web portal, designed in-house, provides residential home builders and real estate agents with comprehensive details of their customers’ home financing," according to Rob Chrisman.

"Builders and agents will be able to easily access MyPipelineConnect to view loan statuses, details and contacts tied to their Caliber pipelines."

Lenders will also be involved with the process as they will be updating the system with any updates that arise.

"Caliber is dedicated to providing its employees and partners with the necessary tools to serve customers throughout their homebuying journey," according to Chrisman.

To learn more about the MyPipelineConnect service, click on the image above.

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