Here's A Look at Couple of Mortgage Training Opportunities for October 2018

When it comes to the mortgage industry, training and professional development is one of the most beneficial opportunities you could invest in. There are plenty of opportunities out there and it isn't always easy to keep up with. So, with the help of Rob Chrisman, we decided to highlight a few of these events coming up in October 2018.

"Mortgage Action Alliance’s Action Week is a week-long national campaign aimed at growing its grassroots ranks and will be held the week of October 2-6," according to Chrisman's rundown.

"The goals during this year’s Action Week are to surpass our year-end MAA membership goal of 20,000 and to exceed 1,000 downloads of the MAA App."

The MBA St. Louis and MBA of Missouri are also holding events in October. For the MBA of St. Louis, the event is a little more laid back as it gives professionals the opportunity to network with their peers. It will take place on October 19 at the Blue Sky Tower Grill Loft on Brentwood, according to Chrisman's report.

As for the MBA of Missouri, the association will be a free event for mortgage bankers to learn more about the mortgage industry. That event is scheduled for October 10.

"The Mid-Atlantic Mortgage Conference on October 12th in Waterford at Fair Oaks 8:30 am-9:00 pm is a full-day conference, trade show, charity happy hour and after party hosted by MBA/MW’s Future Industry Leaders," according to Chrisman.

"This event includes guest speaker Bill Killmer, Senior Vice President for Legislative and Political Affairs / Mortgage Bankers Association. Conference schedule and registration is available now."

So, if you're interested in these events check them out. For more on these events and sessions, click here.

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