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Thursday Motivation: Harvey Mackay Shares Why 'Good Enough Never Is'

As originators and mortgage professionals you wan to hold yourselves to a high standard. A bare minimum limits the heights to which you are able to reach. Harvey Mackay shares a story of how he learned "good enough never is" in his most recent column.

"Good enough never is," comes from Debbie Fields, as Mackay explained in his column. He shares the story of how she talked into one of her stores and noticed that the cookies were overcooked. It didn't sit well with her and when the manager of the store told her they were good enough, Fields replied with that simple yet impactful phrase.

"Giving 100 percent in everything you do is so important," Mackay wrote in his column.

It's what separates those just skating by from those willing to go the extra mile every time. It is the difference between an originator who is closing one loan a year and the originator who may be flying through with 4 or more.

Don't be satisfied with what you're doing, you should be finding ways to do more. For more on Debbie Fields and Harvey Mackay, click on the image above.

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