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New RMF Certification Course Seeks To Help HECM For Purchase Originations

Certification in the origination field is always growing across the board. The Reverse Mortgage Funding company out of Bloomfield, New Jersey is now contributing to that growth with an all new certification course aimed at helping Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase origination.

''We all recognize that it’s fallen short of its promise," said Mark O’Neil of H4P, according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

“So we were looking at: Why is it that more originators aren’t embracing this? Why is it that more H4Ps aren’t getting written in this country every year?”

Closing a loan can be extremely difficult when there is little room for error. Knowing what to look out for can make the difference and in term increase the number of closings for Reverse Mortgage companies.

To learn more about the HECM courses for Purchase Origination, click on the image above.

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