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Credifi Confirms It Is Shutting Down

Credifi, a commercial real estate data and analytics firms is shutting down its platform in just days.

"Razin’s admission came in an email to clients offering them a chance to 'get great data at close-out prices,' with the email simultaneously confirming the company’s fate and offering clients one last chance to buy the company’s data offerings," according to HousingWire.

"It has been our pleasure to serve the CRE community with our market-beating data about Real Estate Financing and Ownership information. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, we are shutting down the CrediFi data platform over the coming day."

The email served as a last chance notice for those who still want to purchase "powerful data to help you drive your business."

Despite raising total capital of $29 million over the past five years, the company is still set to shut down.

Top learn more about Credifi and it's announcement confirming the company's shutdown, click on the image above.

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