Seniors Want Humor In Reverse Mortgage Ads

November 13, 2019

Companies that offer reverse mortgages are constantly reinventing new ways to market to their demographics. A new report reveals that laughter is one of the key ways to attract seniors when advertising for reverse mortgages. 


"In order to craft advertisements that more effectively connect with the senior demographic in Canada, the nation’s leading reverse mortgage lender HomeEquity Bank enlisted the skills of neuroscience research firm Brainsights to discover possible cross-generational biases of the nation’s consumers, while also discovering what seniors wish to see in advertising that is geared toward them," according to Reverse Mortgage Daily


From the study, HomeEquity Bank was able to develop and refine a marketing campaign that featured more humor. According to the report, the new ads featured senior empowerment and humor.


"After reading the results of the study, Chief Marketing Officer Yvonne Ziomecki describes being surprised by how well the new focus on humor and senior empowerment was connecting with the targeted demographic," according to RMD. 


"Part of that success comes from taking a more secondary role, allowing the insights to shape the message in connecting with older people."


To learn more about why humor and senior empowerment should be a focus in your reverse mortgage marketing campaign, click on the image above


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