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Digital Mortgage Pros' Most Affordable Tech Hubs

As a digital mortgage pro it can be quite difficult to find a tech hub that has affordable homes. A recent article from National Mortgage News highlights five up-and-coming tech hubs that feature affordable homes.

"In the digital mortgage era, those looking to live at the heart of the technology world could seek out cities like San Francisco or Seattle, but may find such housing markets to be outside of their budgets, according to a joint study by Redfin and LinkedIn," according to NMN.

"While in tech centers like the aforementioned San Francisco, the average monthly mortgage payment is a hefty $6,637, in other up-and-coming digital hubs, that figure doesn't even crack the $1,000 mark."

These hubs include Colorado Springs, Charlotte, Columbus, Grand Rapids and Buffalo. As the number five option, Colorado Springs, CO features a median home sale price of $320,000.

Click on the image above to explore these up-and-coming tech hubs further.

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