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ReverseVision Announces New VP Of Operations

Sunny Mahdii has been named as the new vice president of operations for ReverseVision. As the new VP of operations, Mahdii will be working with a number of sectors within the company.

"Prior to her position at ReverseVision, Mahdii served as director of operations and business development at American Reverse Group, where she directed the operations of that company’s lending team, along with oversight of budgeting and marketing," according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

The company believes that Mahdii can help bridge the gap between forward and reverse technology, according to a statement from ReverseVision CEO John Button.

"ReverseVision is a leader in digital mortgage technology and [I’m] excited to help them equip mortgage lenders with strategies and tools that yield successful business outcomes in today’s competitive marketplace," said Mahdii, according to the report.

To learn more about Mahdii's appointment and her role with ReverseVision, click on the image above.

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