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Open Mortgage CEO Outlines Plans For Future Growth

Open Mortgage CEO Scott Gordon says recent acquisitions will help his company’s total production be up 50 percent this year and 50-100 percent next year. Those gains largely will come from its acquisition of Premier Home Mortgage and its hiring of former employees of Live Well Financial.

Gordon told Reverse Mortgage Daily, “Before the Live Well hires Open Mortgage was already lending forward and reverse mortgages, but the personnel additions will bring the technology and relationships garnered from their time at Live Well. These additions will boost our market share and loan volume in our pipeline.”

The acquisition of Premier Home Mortgage helped Open Mortgage expand its geographical footprint. The company was also able to bolster its service centers on both coasts. “Following both of these deals, Open Mortgage currently operates in 47 of the 50 U.S. states excluding Massachusetts, New York and Alaska,” Gordon said.

To learn more about Open Mortgage’s future plans, click on the image above.

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