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Freddie Mac Shares Outreach and Marketing Tips For The Mortgage-Ready Market

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac released its latest Single-Family news update and with it came some new tips for outreach and marketing to the mortgage-ready market. The tips come from the company's assessment of more than 90 million non-mortgage holders in the U.S. who are potentially ready to take on a mortgage.

The outline features a number of points to reach the mortgage-ready market including: sharing their data with them, using interactive digital content, delivering education in anyway you can and making sure you don't overlook down payment assistance programs.

"According to the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organization, 66 percent of its study respondents believe they need to put more than 20 percent down for a mortgage," cited Freddie Mac.

"As many as 76 percent are unaware of low down payment options like Freddie Mac’s Home Possible, which requires as little as three percent down and has flexible terms that can accommodate a range of borrower situations."

The company also pointed out that your website should include interactive content that also educates prospective borrowers on home financing.

To learn more about these tips, click on the image above.

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