Quantarium's AI Tech Approach To Customer Retention

Customer retention is one of the most effective sources of business for companies in the housing industry. A new company by the name of Quantarium is looking to change the way companies approach their customer retention plans, driven by artificial intelligence.

“Our valuation system is constantly evolving and learning. Combined with our unparalleled data lake, our valuations get more accurate with each new run. Similarly, with our portfolio services, we are generating predictive models that get better every single day,” said co-founder and Quantarium CEO Clement Ifrim, according to HousingWire.

"Quantarium’s offerings include its automated valuation model, QVM, valuation services, portfolio services, and a data and search platform, which was developed by mathematicians, scientists and computer architects — many of whom formerly worked on Microsoft’s enterprise services."

The company aims most of its efforts towards discovering the world's largest asset class, mostly in residential real estate. It also provides portfolio services designed to proactively retain customers.

"With Quantarium, servicers can leverage automated vigilance to see market activity on any loan in their portfolio, giving them the ability to contact borrowers with new offers," according to the report.

"They can also gain insight into a borrower’s current status — such as whether they have paid off a loan and still live in the house, sold the property or refinanced with another lender. It also surfaces new lien activities."

To learn more about Quantarium's AI technology and how it works to help companies retain customers, click on the image above.

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