Hacker Targets Zillow Listing Prompting $60 Million Lawsuit

A Zillow Group listing for a $150 million mansion in Bel Air, California was hacked by someone using a Chinese protocol address, according to a recent report. Now, the seller is filing a $60 million lawsuit against Zillow Group as a result.

"The hackers claimed that the property had been sold multiple times for tens of millions of dollars below asking price – once for $110 million, then for $90.5 million and then $94.3 million," according to HousingWire.

"They also posted notice of an open house for the property, which would be unusual for a luxury listing at this price."

The suit claims that the hacker corrupted the listing price with the false sales edits and got past Zillow's security questions to make them. The seller allegedly made repeated requests to Zillow asking the company to block the hacker's access to the listing.

The suit is also taking aim at the current safeguards that Zillow uses to prevent hackers from doing damage to listings like this one.

To learn more about the suit, the seller of the property and the property itself, click on the image above.

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