Breaking Down Social Media Marketing For LOs And Real Estate Agents

March 8, 2019

Social media can often seem like a daunting task, especially when you're struggling to produce content that actually gains traction among your target audience. A recent post to HousingWire's Pulse, an invitation-only forum for mortgage professionals, featured some great tips to help LOs and real estate agents get started. 


According to Phil Treadwell, finding content and media, the time to post it and making a decision on posting are often the biggest hurdles for professionals. He introduces the notion of developing pillar content, which he says would help alleviate much of these complications. 


"Pillar content is simply one larger piece of content, typically about something you’re interested in or has a main message you are trying to share, that can be broken down or re-purposed into smaller pieces of micro content that can be shared across many social platforms," says Treadwell in the post.


"The example I share most often is my own podcast. Last year I started the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast with the main message of helping mortgage and real estate professionals build an effective and efficient mortgage business."


Treadwell uses a video recording of his podcast and repurposes it in a number of ways. He notes breaking the content into smaller clips, or chopping the video up for highlight reels. When a piece of pillar content is broken down, it extends the amount of posts you can get out of it. 


To learn more about pillar content and other ways to strengthen your social media strategy, click on the image above


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