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Single Women Outnumber Single Men In Homeownership In Baltimore

A new study shows that over some 167,000 unmarried women own homes in Baltimore, which is approximately 24% of all owner-occupied homes in the city, according to National Mortgage News.

The report was based on a LendingTree study that found only that single male homeowners only accounted for 11% of all owner-occupied homes in Baltimore. The trend certainly isn't regional, as the nationwide numbers show a 22% to 12% ownership comparison between single females and single males respectively.

"Among the 50 largest cities in the U.S., Baltimore has the ninth largest gender gap in homeownership, according to the study," according to NMN.

"Baltimore trails New Orleans, Miami, Birmingham, Ala., Richmond, Va., and Philadelphia, among others."

Experts believe the trend can be attributed to a "global social phenomenon." Women are assuming careers at a larger rate and this is largely due to the fact that women are "no longer feeling bound by traditional gender roles," according to Kris Marsh, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, reports by NMN.

Women are increasingly independent, moving away from the days where homeownership seemed impossible to obtain without spousal support. For Baltimore, the affordability of a home also makes it much more obtainable.

According to the report, the median sales price of a home in Baltimore hit $129,000 which is much lower than the national median sales price of $229,800.

To learn more about why single women are outnumbering single men in own-occupied homes in Baltimore, click on the image above.

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