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Live Well Financial To Use New Technology For Forward-Reverse Approach

Live Well Financial is looking to foster business growth through a new technological platform that specializes in the forward-reverse approach. Live Well looks to be transforming the way it does business for a more well-rounded approach to lending.

"While the company has been originating forward and reverse mortgages for some time, it is now ramping up its efforts toward distributed retail sales with originators who will have the opportunity to originate both traditional and reverse loans within the same technology platform," according to ReverseMortgageDaily.

Streamlining the process for originators brings ease of access and a possible increase in the amount of loans that are originated.

"This move is going to increase our level of activity significantly, allow us to diversify in the business channels that we’re in, allow us to create more efficiencies with the product and our secondary market execution on those products, and allow us to continue to be a price leader for our distributed channel,” says Bruce Barnes, Executive Vice President of Live Well Financial, based in San Diego, according to the report.

The company is also looking to build upon the traditional mortgage approach with the importance of customers completing transactions at their own pace.

To learn more about the new forward-reverse technology from Live Well Financial, click on the image above.

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