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Freedom Mortgage Lends A Helping Hand To Borrowers Impacted By The Shutdown

Last week the Federal Housing Administration called on the mortgage industry to help unpaid federal workers during the current government shutdown. Today, Freedom Mortgage announced that it would be doing just that with a new team.

"Freedom Mortgage has created a team dedicated to fully evaluating every borrower's situation and offering a range of assistance," according to a recent press release.

"These options may include repayment plans, special payment forbearance and temporary partial payments, in addition to late fee waivers and temporarily suspending the reporting of derogatory credit information."

Freedom Mortgage is one of the nation's largest providers of government insured loans, according to the report. The company is looking to ease the burden on borrowers and provide options that can prevent them from defaulting on their home.

"We're committed to helping all of our customers who may be impacted by the shutdown," said Stanley C. Middleman, Freedom's founder and CEO.

"If a borrower has stopped receiving a paycheck, we are prepared to do everything we can to help them through this and avoid defaulting on their mortgage. Our hope is to bring some relief to our customers and reduce the immediate burden and impact of the government shutdown on their lives."

To learn more about Freedom Mortgage's plan, click on the image above.

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