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AmeriSave To Take On Mortgage Lending Operations From TMS

AmeriSave is expected to acquire mortgage lending operations from TMS according to a recent report from HousingWire.

"The strategic decision revolves primarily around TMS publicly stating that mortgage servicing is in dire need of improved customer service. In other words, TMS wants to focus more of its efforts on providing a better mortgage servicing experience to borrowers," reported HW's Jacob Gaffney.

"Therefore, AmeriSave will transition the mortgage lending divisions of TMS, based in Plano, Texas, and Chandler, Arizona, over to its brand in the near future."

Meanwhile, TMS is expected to center its focus on the Servicing Intelligence Made Easy program as well as fintech products.

"Transitioning originations to a pro like AmeriSave makes perfect business sense. Now, we can champion our clients’ success and deliver what the industry so desperately needs – a world-class customer servicing platform and stellar loan performance – that we at TMS are so uniquely positioned to deliver,” said TMS CEO Darius Mirshahzadeh, according to the report.

There hasn't been any reports on a timeframe for the transition. To learn more about this new deal, click on the image above.

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