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Better Business Bureau And AAG Join Forces Against Senior Fraud

The Better Business Bureau and AAG have joined forced to combat senior fraud, according to a recent report. The companies are developing ways to better educate seniors on how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of the ever-evolving types of financial fraud.

"Offering free 'Lunch and Learn' seminars in Southern California, AAG and the BBB are helping seniors recognize the scams often directed toward them, including, grandparent scams, Medicare scams, power of attorney scams, and email scams," according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

"Currently the Lunch and Learns are being offered In San Diego, Orange County, and Imperial County in California, but a spokesperson for AAG told RMD in an email that the partnership has worked so well that all parties are looking to expand the program in the coming year."

The lack of education in the HECM has been addressed by a number of companies throughout the past couple of years. New innovative ways to help seniors should make quite the difference in financial safety. It also absolves companies of being accused of not providing the proper education to their clients and creates a better relationship with borrowers.

To learn more about how the partnership is working between AAG and BBB, click on the image above.

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