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Cities Facing Housing Bubble Danger

Plenty of cities across the U.S. have found themselves in danger of approaching another housing bubble. It is cause for concern and quite frankly, the ability to afford a home is becoming increasingly difficult.

In a National Mortgage News report, Paul Centopani highlights 12 cities in particular that are living in fear of another housing bubble.

"Data from the third quarter of 2018 showed home prices hitting their lowest level of affordability since 2008, according to Attom Data Solutions' Home Affordability Report," writes Centopani.

"More than three-quarters of the 440 counties analyzed in the report posted an affordability index below their historical averages."

You may be wondering if you work in one of the states facing a potential housing bubble. Well according to the report, Boulder, Colorado; Boise, Idaho; Santa Rosa, California; Houston, Texas; Fort Collins, Colorado; Urban Honolulu, Hawaii; Greeley, Colorado; Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington, Texas; the San Jose Sunnyvale area in California; The New York and Jersey City area; Denver and other neighboring counties, and the San Francisco/Oakland area in California are all facing housing bubble fears.

To learn more about the specific areas and why a housing bubble poses such a threat, click on the image above.

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