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National Appreciation Hits Slowest Mark In Almost Two Years

Across the nation, home prices have increased about 5.5 percent over the last year, however, national appreciation is on a slow, according to research from CoreLogic.

"Two states showed double-digit year-over-year increases: Nevada, up 13 percent, and Idaho, up 12.2 percent. Prices in 38 states (including the District of Columbia) have risen above their pre-crisis peaks," according to CoreLogic.

"Of the seven states that had larger peak-to-trough declines than the national average, California, Idaho, and Michigan have surpassed their pre-crisis peaks as of August 2018. Connecticut home prices in August 2018 were the furthest below their all-time HPI high, still 15.8 percent below the July 2006 peak."

Some states appear to be outperforming others when it comes to overall appreciation. Connecticut is suffering the most with no real sign of increase anytime soon.

To learn more about the home price appreciation numbers for 2018 and how they compare to previous years, check out CoreLogic's full rundown and infographics by clicking the image above.

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