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New Freddie Mac Updates For September 2018

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac has announced a new set of updates that will be coming soon. A couple of quality of life and general updates have been revealed through the company's Single-Family Week in Review.

The announcements consist of:

  • Updates to Documenting a Primary Residence in Loan Product Advisor

  • Selling Requirement Changes Announced in Guide Bulletin 2018-15

  • Updated Resources Supporting the Redesigned URLA and ULAD Mapping Document

  • Important Updates for Servicers in Guide Bulletin 2018-14

-Freddie Mac

"Guide Bulletin 2018-15, provides direction for submitting loan information to Loan Product Advisor for special borrower eligibility when a property is occupied as a primary residence by a borrower's parent or disabled child," according to the report.

Meanwhile, servicers are seeing a number of updates including an Investor Reporting Change Initiative which can be explored by clicking here.

To learn more about the new round of Freddie Mac updates for September 2018, click on the image above.

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