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Alaskan Cities Pressed For Housing Looks to Apartment Additions for Relief

A few cities across the state of Alaska are running into inventory when it comes to available homes. Now, the state is beginning to encourage apartment additions as a way to remedy its current situation.

"Popularized by shows like HGTV's 'Tiny Homes,' living small is a national trend toward multigenerational living, a smaller urban footprint and downsizing," according to National Mortgage News.

"But in Alaska, particularly in communities hemmed in by mountains and water, officials are increasingly turning to 'accessory dwelling units' to contend with limited land and high energy and housing costs, according to planners and community development officials."

With land constrictions, cities Anchorage and Juneau are encouraging the addition of small backyard cottages as an alternative. Officials are also making plans for larger apartment complexes as well.

The proposals have been met with some opposition from existing residents who worry that these developments may cause overcrowding, limited parking, intrusion to neighboring homes and an a hit to property values in the area.

Officials are pushing back as they insist that these housing options are necessary, period, according to the report.

To learn more about Alaska's housing difficulties and remedy options, click on the image above.

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