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Affordable Housing Struggles Still Plague Massachusetts Communities

The affordable housing struggles are still hitting Massachusetts communities quite hard and shows slow signs of letting up. Unfortunately this is the continuous cycle of a project proposal followed by rejection from folks who are already in the area, according to a recent report.

"A developer proposes to build a densely populated, mixed-income housing complex in a community. The proposal evokes outrage from local residents who argue the development will be disruptive," according to National Mortgage News.

"The influx of so many new people will exacerbate traffic, unfairly add costs to municipal budgets and strain local infrastructure, the argument goes."

Despite public outcry from residents in these areas, the report claims that some of the proposed affordable housing units are still built thanks to having "the law on their side."

Unfortunately, there has not been enough affordable housing development over the last five decades to keep up with a serious demand. The report states that this could stunt Massachusetts' ability to grow.

To learn more about the lack of affordable housing in Massachusetts and what it could mean for the future, click on the image above.

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