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Freddie Mac Updates For Early June 2018

Freddie Mac is back with a new series of updates as we enter the month of June 2018. The company is continuing to update some of its programs and provide mortgage professionals with more tools to help streamline the loan process.

The company is planning on updating its Loan Product Advisor on July 24, according to a recent Single-Family Week in Review post . Professionals have the heads up quite some time in advanced to prepare for the updates that include reflection of the "new Freddie Mac HomeOne mortgage. This is the company's "low three percent down payment option for first-time homebuyers," according to the update.

Meanwhile, the company is introducing mortgage professionals to the Duty to Serve program.

"Together, through Duty to Serve, we can help make homeownership possible for more households, especially the millions impacted by the current affordable housing crisis in historically underserved markets," said the company in the latest Single-Family Week in Review.

To learn more about these products, click on the image above. This post will be updated should anymore early June updates arise.

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