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Freddie Mac Updates: HousingWire Tech100 Awards & More

Freddie Mac is back with a few more updates from its Single-Family Week in Review. The review includes a prestigious award from HousingWire as well as new information on subsequent transfers of servicing.

"Freddie Mac is a 2018 HousingWire Tech100 Award winner for Loan Product Advisor® automated collateral evaluation (ACE)," according to the Freddie Mac post.

"The awards are presented annually to the 100 most innovative technology companies in the US housing industry."

Meanwhile, the company is continuing to push new updates to its tools. The company has added a slew of new pieces to the subsequent transfers of servicing section.

In the latest Single-Family sweller/Servicer Guide Bulletin, Freddie Mac outlined some of the updates and additions to the product.

According to the guide bulletin, automating subsequent transfers of servicing requests and approvals is now available along with new processes to streamline the "move of servicing of one or more mortgages from one seller/servicer number to another."

To learn more about the most recent updates in the Single-Family Week in Review, click on the image above. For more information on the subsequent transfers of servicing modifications, click here.

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