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Freddie Mac Updates: A Look at What's Coming Soon

Freddie Mac just released a new Single-Family Week in Review containing two new features that will be coming very soon. The company has also provided added information on how to prepare for these new editions.

According to the Single-Family Week in Review, the Loan Product Advisor will begin generating alphanumeric LP keys starting on June 18, 2018.

"To ensure that your systems accept alphanumeric values from Loan Product Advisor beginning June 18, 2018, please review any additional systems that use or store LP Keys," according to Freddie Mac.

The company has also upped the efficiency in the manufactured home construction loans department.

"You will soon be able to finance manufactured home construction loans with a single close construction conversion mortgage," according to the review.

"One close, giving you more efficiency, lower cost and less risk."

The company has provided two sections featuring support contact, should you need any helping preparing for the new updates to come.

To learn more about these updates and how to prepare for them, click on the image above.

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