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Fannie Mae Introduces Servicing eLearning Series

Fannie Mae will be providing incoming servicers with some pretty extensive resources, according to a recent Servicing News update from the company. In its new eLearning series, servicers can expect some short lessons that will help them get up-to-speed with current information.

"Check out each of the latest 15-minute courses available now in our self-paced eLearning series: QC Audit and Compliance and Subservicer Oversight," added the company in the Servicing News update.

"Visit the Servicing Training page to find more resources."

Included in the update was a reminder for existing servicers, regarding servicing transfers.

"After Fannie Mae has approved a servicer's Form 629: Request for Approval of Servicing or Subservicing Transfer, the transferor servicer or the transferee servicer must notify their document custodians of the servicing transfer," the company wrote in its update.

"A final list of all transferred loans must be included with the notification."

To learn more about the eLearning Series and the reminder regarding servicing transfers, click on the image above.

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