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Freddie Mac is 'Reimagining the Mortgage Experience,' Senior VP Christina K. Boyle

If you are a Freddie Mac subscriber chances are you received a little message from Christina K. Boyle, Senior Vice President of Single-Family Sales and Relationship Manager for the company. In the email, Boyle outlines a few ways that Freddie Mac plans to "reimagine the mortgage experience."

"One way we’re making strides is by taking more informed credit risk. Our new vice president and division chief credit officer, Terri Merlino, brings over 20 years of experience at national lenders large and small," said Boyle in the letter to subscribers.

"Through that lender lens, Terri is looking at Freddie Mac’s credit and collateral policies to find advantageous credit alternatives."

The company is looking to further streamline the mortgage experience for its users. Boyle previews a year of progression for the company as it looks to develop better ways of doing business.

"Another way we’re helping you do better business with us is by creating a new process that will enable us to garner your feedback before we make changes to credit policy," Boyle continued.

"There’s more to come in credit that will help you save time, cost, and effort."

In addition to these quality-of-life enhancements, Boyle also added that there would also be enhancements made to the company's technology solutions.

As the first quarter of 2018 comes to an end, it looks like Freddie Mac will be making a strong push towards making these adjustments over the remainder of the year.

To read the full address from Christina K. Boyle, click on the image above.

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