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NMN Webinar: Loan Servicing and Business Process Automation

National Mortgage News has added another useful webinar for mortgage professionals to consider. The company has teamed up with Canon to bring a webinar focused on business process automation and why it is necessary in the loan servicing sector.

"As technology continues to change and improve, loan servicing professionals must consider how best to use technology solutions to simplify and enhance their processes," according to NMN's webinar description.

"Recent research conducted by SourceMedia Research/American Banker and National Mortgage News and sponsored by Canon helps to shed light on what these professionals are thinking when it comes to business process automation."

The session will feature four key speakers including: Penny Crosman, Editor at Large for American Banker; Dana Jackson, Executive Director for Research SourceMedia; Craig Hughes, Managing Director of Financial Services CC Pace and Michele Rothkin, Industry Marketing Specialist for Financial Services Canon.

The panel of key speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • Status of business process automation among loan servicers

  • Strategies and plans for implementing loan servicing workflow automation

  • Loan servicing process bottlenecks

  • Top driver for loan servicing business automation

-National Mortgage News

The webinar will be held on April 26 at 2PM EST. To learn more about this webinar or to register, click on the image above.

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