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NMN Webinar: Raising Profitability and Borrower Satisfaction

National Mortgage News will be holding a webinar designed to help mortgage servicers increase profitability while simultaneously increasing borrower satisfaction.

"Most mortgage servicers do not offer borrowers their preferred way to pay for their mortgage," according to the NMN invite.

"Using older payment methods can increase call center traffic and late payments… all of which can impact your profitability."

Moderating the webinar is Mike Sisk, contributing editor of American Banker. The trio of speakers include: Lucas Byers, senior Vice President of Specialized Loan Servicing; Taylor Goldaper, account manager for MasterCard and Stever Kramer, vice president of product management for ACI Worldwide.

Together the speakers will address:

  • How convenient payment methods reduce calls by 83%

  • How mortgage servicers are easily adding borrowers’ favorite ways to pay

  • How borrowers rank their different payment options

This upcoming webinar is scheduled for April 12, 2018 at 2 PM EST/11 AM PST. To learn more about the webinar or to register, click on the image above.

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