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Inventory Continues to Tighten Up Across the Country

Inventory issues are plaguing the housing industry and a recent report shows that numbers are continuing to drop across the country.

The inventory woes aren't limited to one area of the U.S. a number of cities and states are experiencing heavily dwindling numbers in inventory, which adds to the price hikes that we have been seeing this year.

"Where inventory is concerned, Worcester, Mass., and Rochester, N.Y., were tied with the greatest declines in new listings year-over-year in January, falling 16.8% in both cities," according to National Mortgage News.

"Also on the list of greatest annual drops in new listings is Memphis, Tenn., where they fell 15.3% to 957."

Other cities on the list include, Hampton Roads, VA; Columbus, OH; Providence, RI and more.

To check out a complete slide of "12 Cities Where Homes for Sale are Dwindling," click on the image above.

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