Nationwide Equities Presents Reverse Loans USA Rebranding

Nationwide Equities has taken on an all new rebranding phase centered on offering reverse mortgage products. The company didn't want to confuse their customers on what they were trying to sell them, hence, the revamped name Reverse Loans USA, according to a recent report.

"The only reason we’re doing a name change is to identify concisely and without question what we’re selling," said Nationwide CEO Paul Lamparillo according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

"If you personally received a mailer from Nationwide Equities, that’s a highly ambiguous name. Is it a leasing company? Is it a credit card company?"

Of course this is the company's retail sector. The company also renamed its wholesale branch as Reverse Power. So where does that leave the Nationwide branding?

Nationwide Equities will remain as the forward mortgage entity for the company. The company is taking a clear move to diversify its business, a step many companies have been taking over the past couple of years.

To learn more about Nationwide Equities rebranding, click on the image above.

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