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NMN and LenderLive Present an Upcoming Webinar on Upgrading Mortgage Tech

Upgrading technology can be a daunting task for companies that are deeply rooted in a system that is already quite familiar. It becomes even harder with compliance and regulation changing at a rapid pace. However, it doesn't have to be that way.

National Mortgage News and LenderLive are partnering for a new webinar focused on upgrading mortgage technology even in the age of ever-changing compliance.

"As banks modernize their mortgage platforms, they need to be mindful of a slew of state and federal laws, some of which are in the process of changing. Congress may pass a bill weakening the requirements of Dodd-Frank, but even if it does, the new law is bound to create additional complexities," according to the summary of the webinar.

"Meanwhile, regulators have been stepping up their scrutiny of the way banks choose, monitor and manage vendors. They’re also looking more closely at mortgage pricing and mortgage data security. In this webcast, a compliance expert will walk through current compliance considerations and help leaders form a strategy for meeting ever-changing regulations."

The moderator for the webinar is Penny Crosman, editor of American Banker and the webinar is expected to take place on March 13.

To learn more or to sign up for the webinar click on the image above.

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