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Thursday Motivation: Life Lessons that Apply to Key Business Practices

When it comes to life lessons, we don't always think they would work hand-in-hand with business. However, Harvey Mackay, along with some help from Bruce Halle, the founder of Discount Tire, who recently passed away, show us just how they both come together in complete harmony.

Mackay publishes a weekly motivational guide for every business professional or anyone out there looking for some advice. This week, he used a quote from Halle to outline life lessons and how it applies to everything you do.

"There are really just five simple lessons to life: Be honest, work hard, have fun, be grateful and pay it forward," said Halle, according to Mackay.

We all know that honesty is one of the most important qualities you can have. If you're constantly dishonest with clients, chances are your referrals and overall business will suffer. Being honest guarantees you top status among your clients and helps you generate an awesome track record in the industry.

Working hard is a no-brainer. There is no profession where hard work is not required. It is cliché to say, "if you want something you have to work for it," though, It is absolutely true.

If you're not having fun with your profession chances are it will translate into a negative attitude and that will show with your clients. Try to find ways to keep your business practices fresh.

You have to be grateful for every single opportunity that is presented to you. Every client is someone to be thankful for. Every closing is definitely something to be thankful for.

Finally, it pays to pay it forwards, so, if you ever get the opportunity to do so, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all. This was just a summary off what Mackay's pieces has to offer, to view the entire post, click on the image above.

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