Fannie Mae Updates to be Aware of Towards the End of January

Fannie Mae released their most recent Selling News update which features a few updates that mortgage professionals will want to be aware of, moving forward. Updates included a redesigned 582 form, mortgage assignment form and instruction updates as well as some helpful webinars too look out for.

"We've redesigned the Fannie Mae Lender Record Information Form 582 to provide a better annual certification experience," according to Fannie Mae.

"Features of the new platform include intuitive navigation, progress indicators, information carry-over from previous years, download and print options, and more. Watch an overview of what the new annual certification process has to offer."

The company has also updated the following mortgage assignment forms: 3741, 3742, 3743, 3744, and 3745. Meanwhile, Fannie Mae has introduced a new set of "Ask-the-Expert" live webinars to help guide professionals when using the Uniform Data Closing set.

To learn more about these updates, click on the image above.

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