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Anchorage Property Values Fell in 2017

Soem unfortunate news for sellers in Anchorage, Alaska as a new reports shows a slide in property values for 2017. The report points out that not all neighborhoods suffered the hit.

"Overall, single-family homes — the vast majority of taxable residential property in Anchorage — declined 1.3 percent in 2017, while condos declined about 1 percent, according to data provided by city assessor Bryant Robbins. That does not include the value of new construction," according to National Mortgage News.

"There were slight differences across neighborhoods. Girdwood, for example, saw growth in average home values. Home values in Eagle River fell slightly, but not as much the rest of the city, including downtown."

This drop should have an effect on the property tax assessment, which is based off of what the city believes the home would sell for. Unfortunately, the effect will remain unknown until folks start to receive their bills in April, according to the report.

To learn more about the drop in property values for Anchorage, AK, click on the image above.

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