Reverse Mortgage Job Opportunities to Consider this Week

Reverse Mortgage Daily's job listing page has a couple of newer listings to consider this week. While a couple of these listings date back to November 2017, it looks like the positions are still available.

There is one new listing from January that could be quite useful to someone who lives in the Houston area. As of January 5, Longbridge Financial, LLC has been looking for a Servicing Specialist.

Meanwhile, Live Well Financial is still looking for a Wholesale Account Executive in San Diego, Open Mortgage LLC is looking for an Internal Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer in Austin and Professional Mortgage Alliance LLC is looking Loan Originators and Team Leaders in Florida.

If you haven't heard of the Reverse Mortgage Job website, now would be a great time to check it out. For an extensive listing of jobs as well as the opportunity to post open positions for your company, this is a great way to start the job search.

To visit Reverse Mortgage Job and learn more about the aforementioned positions and others like them, click on the image above.

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