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Ellie Mae Launches 'Encompass Direct Mail' Platform for Lenders

Ellie Mae has launched a new platform for lenders called Encompass Direct Mail. The software has been designed to help lenders find both new and existing customers with strategically targeted emails.

"The extension of Ellie Mae’s Encompass CRM allows lenders – whether they utilize Ellie Mae’s Encompass CRM or not — to target direct mail campaigns that match their business needs to 'segmentable' audience demographics, and then track response rates," according to Rob Chrisman.

"If lenders utilize Encompass CRM, they can now take advantage of Encompass Direct Mail by simply selecting the mailer that matches their business needs and identifying their target audience."

This platform can very well serve as a shortcut for lenders who are simply trying to reach as many customers as possible. It is also pretty easy to use making it quite the time saver.

For more information on the Ellie Mae Encompass Direct Mail platform, click on the image above.

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